A Letter from me

Hey there!

First and foremost, thank you so much for wanting to get to know me! I am not the type of person that is self centered, therefore it's pretty hard to describe myself. But here I go - I am a photography lover, I am 100% OCD with everything in my life, I am a mother of two boys, Marine Wife of 11 years. I am from Louisiana; my home is wherever my heart is. I love Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Amazon, Country music, sweet-tarts, Pinterest, and having amazing friends that become family.

My photography style varies per my clients personalities. I love to capture a good raw image of my subject. I love the goofy pictures, the serious pictures and all the ones in between. I found my love for photography in 2010 when my husband bought me a really nice camera and I learned how to use it! The moment that I found that you can do so much with photos you take made my mind up. 

I pray that everyone finds something that they love as much as I love photography. I would love to get to know you, and capture some of those moments you are having at this very moment!

Much Love - Ashley Davis