Cross Country Move

Hey there!

It’s been a quick minute since my last post! To be honest this year has been pretty hectic. I’ve been doing alot of sessions, and was planning a cross country move. Packing is exhausting y’all. I feel really old when it comes to moving, or should I say really out of shape. I can get in crazy positions, and move like a rabbit for photo sessions; but when it comes to lifting heavy boxes I’m almost dead.

So we are finally in the beautiful sunshine state, Florida. The wonderful military loves to put us on the coasts. But I am not complaining.

Although I do have to say, I hate moving my business. The most challenging thing about owning a business that relies on word of mouth and previous clientele is moving. You literally have to start over. Spend tons of money (that I’m not making ha!) on advertising, offer free sessions, scout out new areas just to get new clients.

Recently I tried the Yelp advertising, ha that was a joke. They were all about telling me well if people call you then they are going to book you. Well I’ve had three people call - NO BOOKINGS, and now I’m out of 95.00. I’m praying that I can find my new clientele here soon. I literally put up an advertisement for free pictures, and I’ve had no hits on it… SEND HELP!

Anyway, we are in Tampa. Send me clients! I’m dying to get behind my camera again.

I love you all tons! And send me the well wishes. If any of you are in Tampa make sure to get in touch with me!

Much Love,